Heimrad Bäcker

»I consider transcript to be a major work of concrete poetry and, beyond that, proof that its methods can convey reality much more intensively than the methods of description.« (Friedrich Achleitner, Austrian artist)

Florian Dietmaier

»The way Florian Dietmaier, born in 1985, brings a diplomat‘s life from 1960 to the present days to life is really great. What a lot of research he must have done! A contemporary historical document written in novel form – fantastic!« (filmsoundmedia.at)

Christoph Dolgan

Christoph Dolgan sketches a fantasy of auto-extinction and doom with deeply unsettling words.

Nava Ebrahimi

Nava Ebrahimi is one of those authors for whom interculturality is firmly inscribed both in her person and in her work.

Antonio Fian

No other writer, with the possible exception of Helmut Qualtinger, has captured Austrian mentality – whether of intellectuals or the general populace – more accurately than the Carinthian-born Viennese resident Antonio Fian.

Laura Freudenthaler

»A lovely melancholia, a wonderful voice pulsates in this story. Laura Freudenthaler is a brilliant narrator, there is pure magic in her direct simplicity, and her pictorial language. A bright light!« (Marina Büttner, literaturleuchtet)

Eleonore Frey

Eleonore Frey’s prose counters the world of established identities, of facts and figures and stone-cast certainties with gentle skepticism and unwavering commitment to all those who have lost their footing or never gained a foothold in reality in the first place.

Barbara Frischmuth

Hardly an author of ours is as competent as Barbara Frischmuth when it comes to investigating the complex relations between Orient and Occident, between Middle East and West.

Tomer Gardi

A highly allusive and enjoyable plea for linguistic diversity, for infringement, for everything that does not comply with the norm.

Susanne Gregor

Susanne Gregors novel is a captivating drama between love and individual fulfilment in the tropical heat of Nicaragua.

Stephan Groetzner

»A language terrain in which foolishness and wisdom can barely be told apart.« (Maren Keller, Spiegel online)

Iris Hanika

»An author who writes wittily, sincerely and without the slightest sensationalism.« (Spiegel)

Mela Hartwig

Mela Hartwig is one of the great unknown authors, a modernist and feminist, whose career was destroyed by the nazis.