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Leipzig Book Fair Prize 2022 for Tomer Gardis’ novel A Round Thing

»First a Jewish author is chased through a German forest. Then the life of Raden Saleh is told.  In different, subtly interrelated styles and genres, it is about the question of freedom. Fireworks!«, said the jury in its statement.



Recently sold to Arabic and Portuguese:
Heaven is a small Circle.
The new novel by Carolina Schutti broaches different concepts of freedom and identity.
»Women in turmoil on the cusp between break-point and awakening – a wonderful psycho-programme of change.« (3Sat Kulturzeit)


Regina Dürig wins the first Weinfelder Book-Prize and the Literature Prize of the Canton of Bern 2021 for her literary debut Losing Skin.

»In the novella Losing Skin, Regina Dürig succeeds in depicting situations of violence in a woman′s life in a linguistically differentiated, concise and condensed way, ranging from subtle psychological violence to physical assaults.« (Literature Prize of the Canton of Bern 2021, Jury Statement)

The book is also a special recommendation from New Books in German.