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Between 1946 and 1948 Mela Hartwig, in her London exile, penned Inferno which we publish for the first time now, 70 years later. It is remarkable how lucidly Hartwig analyses the Nazi era so shortly after the war.
»Inferno is a real discovery. An expressive, almost cinematic piece of literature that gives a silhouette of the time between the first pogroms and the end of World War II.« (Paul Jandl, NZZ)



»There are books that take your breath, that fill every single muscle with highest tension, and that take possession of the reader. Ally Kleins debut novel is definitely one of those stirring books.« writes Björn Hayer, Spiegel Online, about Carter, the debut novel by Ally Klein.

“Insanity is never trusted”: A conversation between Andrea Scrima and Ally Klein


Bernhard Strobel manages in his first novel The palm tree in the front yard »with the cold view of a surgeon to capture even the smallest proliferation in the mesh of a relationship. His novel is an interpersonal psycho-thriller.« (Ulrich Rüdenauer, Süddeutsche Zeitung)


Andreas Unterweger, »one of the most promising young Austrian authors. « (Goethe institute) gives us with Grungy Nuts a »literary concept album with a visual prose-poetry that is accessible and catchy as well as it has the spirit of the teenage rebellion like the best songs of the history of rock music.« (Gerald Lind, literaturhaus.at)