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Droschl is in the German speaking world a well-known house for contemporary literature, publishing international authors like Lydia Davis, Oksana Sabuschko, Georgi Gospodinov or Julien Gracq as well as German writing authors like Iris Hanika, Ilma Rakusa, Thomas Stangl, Monique Schwitter, Thomas Jonigk or Werner Schwab. The names speak for themselves, they stand for an attitude that does not consider literature as representation but as protest and comment from the fringe.

We want to address the reader’s curiosity, those who want to discover something, who focus on words, whose one great love is language, many languages, the innumerable manners of speech.

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Our new titels:

Tomer Gardi
Otherwise You’ll Get Your Money Back. Novel

The Scheherazade story opens with a writer asking for support at the job center. When mentioning his line of work the troubles start – »Writer? There is no such profession«. But cunning as he is, he suggests a deal. He offers to tell the man behind the desk a story who will then, if he likes it, approve the writer’s request. The ensuing »storytelling for survival« turns out to be the driving force of this novel brimming with volte-faces and allusions.


What if a void suddenly opened up in your life? This is the question Laura Freudenthaler pursues in her second novel Ghost Story.

»The author stays completely close to her protagonist, illuminates her inner disruption with a stoical silence in her words. The border between reality and imagination becomes blurred.« (Julia Schafferhofer, Kleine Zeitung)

»For us the readers the reading satisfys one of the most important functions of literature: On every single page we do realize better and better what empathy means in our complex relationship to the other.« (Björn Hayer, Wiener Zeitung)


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