Iris Hanika

Iris Hanika
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Aug um Aug,
Herz um Herz.

Iris Hanika

Iris Hanika, born in Würzburg in 1962, has lived in Berlin since 1979. She was a staff writer for the Berlin section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and contributed a chronicle to Merkur magazine (summer 2000 – summer 2008).

At Droschl she published the novels Treffen sich zwei (Two People Meeting, 2008), Das Eigentliche (The ultimate thing, 2010), Tanzen auf Beton (Dancing on Concrete, 2012) and Wie der Müll geordnet wird (How the waste is put in order, 2015). Iris Hanika was awarded the Hans Fallada Prize (2006), shortlisted for the German Book Prize (2008) and she won the European Union Prize for Literature (2010), the prize of LiteraTourNord (2011) and Hermann-Hesse-prize (2020).

»An author who writes wittily, sincerely and without the slightest sensationalism.« (Spiegel)