Traurige Freiheit (Miserable Liberty)

Hardcover , 21 x 13 cm
144 pages
€ 18.00


A novel about today’s precarious employment situation – about another »lost generation« and their lives beyond security.

Hannah is a young university graduate whose professional and private aspirations are crushed just as she finishes her studies. To jump-start her career as a journalist, she splits up with her boyfriend and moves to the city to take up an unpaid internship. But instead of moving up the career ladder she plunges headlong into a crisis. After one year of fruitless applications and humiliating interviews she realises that she has been proven wrong. The world is anything other than an oyster for well-qualified graduates.

In her precise and focused way, Friederike Gösweiner draws up a psychograph of today’s precarious employment situation while portraying this new »lost generation’s« consciousness, their deprivations and their lives without a safety net.

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»An outstanding debut.« (Karl Markus Gauß, Die Presse)

»Gösweiner paints her main protagonist in drastic colours but at the same time displays great sensitivity and linguistic skills, and without getting sentimental. She raises questions that are highly relevant to many, especially young, people today (…). A strong debut!« (Maria Büttler, literature leuchtet)

»A highly interesting debut that says a lot about our present, that conveys the feeling of life of a generation that is marked by hope and deep fears.« (Klaus Zeyringer, Literatur und Kritik)

»Miserable Liberty calmly unfolds a suggestive force that does not let you set the book aside.« (Tiroler Tageszeitung)

»Those who are young will recognize themselves. Those who are not will learn to understand what it means to be part of our young generation.« (Christine Schimmel, Ostthüringische Zeitung)