Rainbow White

Hardcover , 13x21 cm
344 pages
ISBN: 9783990591062
€ 24


A great novel about losses and upheavals, the pursuit of happiness and the question how to live a happy life in a world out of balance.

Rainbow White is a book about equality and happiness, about the necessity of mourning, the fundamental meaning of time and about Europe in the here and now.

At the beginning of the novel there is an ending: Hermann dies suddenly and unexpectedly. He leaves behind his wife and two grown children. All three grieve—each in their own way. Marlene, a teacher who has just retired, begins to help refugees; son Bob, a cosmologist and time researcher, retreats to nature at the far southern end of Europe; and daughter Filippa, a philosopher in Paris, wants more than ever to finally become a mother. For all of them, the question of a happy life arises anew and more urgently—while great social changes and developments are underway, which they follow skeptically.


»Friederike Gösweiner‘s book is not only about the end of a life, but also about new beginnings, about closeness and distance, quarrels and reconciliation.« (Welt am Sonntag)

»Each character in this touching yet unsentimental novel has his or her own distinctive tone. And the reader follows eagerly how the lives of the three develop.« (Martina Sulner, HAZ)

»Friederike Gösweiner has written a great novel about a great subject. Completely unpretentious, with soothing composure, spot-on in tone.« (Bernd Melichar, Kleine Zeitung)

»The sensational thing about this novel is: you can‘t let go of it.« (Peter Pisa, Kurier)

»This novel makes something resonate. It comes damn close to real life, experience and feeling.« (Sebastian Fasthuber, Falter)