Muster aus Hans (Examples from Hans)

A report
Hard Cover , 21 x 13 cm
120 pages
€ 18.00


What defines affiliation and what otherness?
Hans is one of those persons that, come hell or high water, won’t fit into the busy world of the common people. Bulky, bearded and mute, he is always in someone’s way, one of those outcasts of society who are feared by many and and insulted by even more. Acting in keeping with its name and age of 33 years the figure can indeed be taken as an example. »…can I not sometimes say with the violin what I never knew in words?« a friend of Hans is wondering, and it is by reading sentences like that that we become aware of what is happening here: Eleonore Frey writes sentences telling us what we have not known in words until now, surprising us with the most profound insights told in the simplest words.


Shortlist Swiss Book Prize 2009

»One of the most discrete and most amazing writers of Swiss contemporary literature« (NZZ)