Grenzland Zwischenland (Border Zone In-Between Zone)

Hardcover , 18 x 13 cm
128 pages
€ 18.00


Almost 90 years old, Ils Helbich grants insight into her studio, into the working of sentences and thoughts, and also into the everyday life of someone who is confronted with the special conditions of old age.


»If someone is scared of getting older, they should try Grenzland Zwischenland. Who relates old age to anxiety and despair will not find better words of comfort.« (Karl-Markus Gauss, Süddeutsche Zeitung)

»Getting old is not for sissies. This bon mot by Hollywood diva Bette Davis is quoted by writer Ilse Helbich in her latest book. Born in 1923, the writer describes everyday life in old age, and reacts to her own metamorphosis into an ›ancient woman‹ with curiosity, lucidity and a serene thirst for knowledge.« (Franziska Dorau, Ö1, Leporello)

»This is a book on life, the bliss of life and its fading intensity. One wants to mark and copy many of her sentences, delicate, simple, intelligent, poetic, thoroughly weighed sentences, but far too many in the end.« (Alexander Kluy, Der Standard)