Going on. (Weiter.)

Hardcover , 13 x 21 cm
200 pages
ISBN: 9793990590478
€ 20


How to be happy? This is the central question both protagonists from Going On are trying to find an answer to. In her childhood and adolescence Veronika was exposed to violence and lack of affection. Robert, freshly dumped by his long-term partner, is at rock-bottom when Veronika stumbles into his life in a café in West Berlin in May 1986. From then on things are looking up, there is a ray of hope: Life is going on.

Veronika’s is slowly warming up to Robert and Robert feels a weight has finally been taken off his chest. The two strangers help each other get back on their feet. Step by step their desire – a life of love and security – takes shape. It’s now up to them to take back control of their lives. What can they do for themselves? Which decisions will they take?

Thomas Jonigk portrays these two very different people with empathy and kindness and leads them out of a seemingly hopeless situation.


»Why I was excited from the beginning, is Thomas Jonigk’s extraordinary linguistic humor.« (Marcus Kufner, Bücherkaffee)

»It’s fascinating with which kind of great astuteness and will to survive Jonigk’s protagonists are provided with, without any kitsch and so touching.« (Karin Cerny, profil)