Zeitverschiebung (Time Shift)

Hardcover , 13 x 21 cm
192 pages
€ 19

A novel about the nagging feeling to always be missing out on the present.

The first-person narrator attends a wedding, meets the bride’s ex-boyfriend and loses sight of him… She is writing her thesis about Jack Kerouac and is afraid that she is always missing out on the best opportunities. She is longing for the big stories, for the life she knows from the media while her own life is largely unspectacular. She is well-connected and always informed about everything she is missing out on; as a chronic latecomer, she knows that she missed what was important but that at the same time everything can look different in hindsight.

Due to the pressure she puts herself under, she is almost neglecting her own, real life that has a lot to offer in terms of experiences and encounters: aside from precarious jobs and conflicting emotions in various friendship and family constellations, she is also able to enjoy the happiness of the right moment…

Almut Tina Schmidt chases her readers across the pages and uses a lot of humor to show how spectacular a normal life can be.

Rights sold to Arab (Al Arabi Publishing)