Wie im Siebenten (On Cloud Nr. 7)

Hardcover , 21 x 13 cm
144 pages
€ 18.00


A book about the beginning of love and writing.

What bliss it is when situations and circumstances are simple, when all beginnings are easy. When love comes as easily as art, when writing novels is like having a cup of coffee and only playing the guitar is a bit rough – then this is easy living!
Obviously, Andreas and Judith not only live in the seventh district of Vienna but also are in seventh heaven. Love gets off to a good start, just as the writing does. Unterweger’s novel On Cloud Nr. 7 is as easy as it is serious, dealing with how important beginnings are and how powerful dreams ought to be in order to compete with reality (the real reality!).

On Cloud Nr. 7 is an endearing and charming book about living and writing, about hopes and worries, about the differences between a song and a novel. Combining the stubborn gentleness of a Richard Brautigan with the laid-back irony of postmodernism, Andreas Unterweger’s ingenious debut has everything a debut could ask for.


»A charming and virtuoso debut« (FAZ)