Thingy, or Tomorrow we turn to dust (Dings oder Morgen zerfallen wir zu Staub)

Hardcover , 13 x 21 cm
232 pages
ISBN: 97823990590584
€ 22,00


With Thingy, or Tomorrow we turn to dust, the young Viennese writer Roman Markus has written a real summer novel, lively and fun.

»This summer shall never end« the narrator, named … Thingy tells himself. Okay, the start into the hot season may not have been overwhelming – both his job at Teletext and his girlfriend Doreen are gone all of a sudden. But JC, not his »best, but closest« friend, and Jo, who knows how to live well and wildly, take him back to life again.

A short trip from Vienna to Berlin, a summer job as movie projectionist at a local cinema, love and living in the moment – all this puts a sudden stop to Thingy’s every day monotony. He eventually enters the Now but not without the occasional stupidities, such as a devastating sausage stand trip through the neighbourhood or several boozy nights.

Like in a big city road movie, Thingy stumbles from one situation into the next while re-discovering his curiosity and joy of life. Fantastically funny and with rich imagery, Roman Markus portrays this twen having the summer of his life.


Roman Markus’s Thingy, or Tomorrow we turn to dust is a »pretty good summer novel full of wit, drive and frenzied action.« (Jenaer Stadtmagazin)

»Thanks for this extraordinarily well written, exhausting, recalcitrant and really cool book.« (Ninas Buchblog)

»The story of a man in his mid-twenties in a wonderfully funny and pictorial way. A real summer book! (BR)