Talented Trees

Hardcover , 13x21 cm
216 pages
With 23 drawings by Linda Wolfsgruber
ISBN: 9783990591307
€ 25.00


Totally committed to factuality, Bodo Hell collects diverse, curious and interesting facts about Talented Trees like autumn leaves. From the maple to the Swiss stone pine, he gives a wide range of botanical, historical, cultural-historical, mystical and mythological, trivia, amazing, cunning and lists to the best and leads us through Austria’s past and present.


»This volume is the encyclopedia of a life lived amidst the landscape and amidst all the experiences one can have there. A book that makes you happy.« (Klaus Kastberger, Die Presse)

»Talented Trees by Bodo Hell is a ravishing book. It’s refreshing, as if you were walking down natural and cultural landscapes yourself at Hell’s side.« (Julia Kospach, Falter)

»Bodo Hell is a chronicler, a collector, a recorder, a preserver of the animate and inanimate, which without him would perhaps fall into oblivion. Bodo’s texts are without exception declarations of love, occasionally to people, often to flora, fauna, things, names: There is probably nothing that can escape his literary passion for collecting.« (Wolfgang Kühn, Wiener Zeitung)