So long, Annemarie

Hardcover , 13x21 cm
280 pages
ISBN: 9783990591161
€ 24,00


Andreas Unterweger brings the beginnings of adulthood to life in a clever and shrewd way.

Annemarie and Dani had a time full of laughing and crying, but now the relationship is over and done with. The year abroad in Nantes comes just at the right time for the 20-year-old young man. It is September 2001. The Western world is looking at the ruins of the Twin Towers, while Dani is in France looking at the shambles of his own life. He tries to be sure of himself and his feelings. His life is turbulent, also wistful, and of course witty and funny: amorous confusions, literary and political awakenings, life in the moment and lots of turning points.

In the spirit of a flâneur, Dani lets his thoughts circle during his long walks, explores and portrays the city of Nantes, bows to French literature, such as Verlaine and Rimbaud or Houellebecq, and surrenders completely to savoir-vivre.


»In So long, Annemarie, Andreas Unterweger tells of the end of a love affair with wit and humour. He masterfully blends the experience of his main character with literary history.« (Michael Wurmitzer, Der Standard)

»On the surface, it is a humorous, ironically based love story, but on the other hand, it reflects a piece of contemporary history that had grave consequences, full of subtlety and allusions.« (Barbara Belic, The Red Micro)