Mind games about Truth

Hardcover , 11x19 cm
48 pages
ISBN: 9783990591031
€ 12,00

Clemens Setz comes up with original finds from literature, film and history. It is a witty, dexterous approach to the concept of truth. At the same time, Setz shows how fixed knowledge and (apparent) truths can be interpreted or called into question.


»Clemens J. Setz reflects on questions and paradoxes of truth. It hardly happens by chance just now, when fake news and digital simulations can conjure up alternative truths of all kinds almost at will.« (FAZ)

»A seductive read, after which one might be a little more careful with final judgments.« (Frankfurter Neue Presse)

»Setz tries to find out how truth can be influenced, manipulated, by our memory.« (Bayerischer Rundfunk)

»Clever, concentrated and delicious in every sense.« (Falter)