Mind games about Longing

Hardcover , 11x19 cm
48 pages
ISBN: 9783990591093
€ 12.00

Happiness is where you are not? Diagnosis: Longing. Disease of painful desire. Felicitas Hoppe invites us on a journey through spaces, dreams and times on which world-weariness turns into wanderlust, nostalgia into curiosity and desire into the fear of its fulfilment. In the process, small and somewhat larger questions arise: What is the difference between promise and fulfilment? Between frugality and self-optimisation?


»The word of the moment: longing. We are longing right now for peace and warm rooms, for safe and good times. In Droschl‘s beautiful little series, in which ‚clever minds write about great words,‘ Felicitas Hoppe fantasizes about this never-ending feeling for another, better, distant life […] and opens up a universe, a literary universe, but also a universe of thought that one definitely wants to follow further.“ (Manuela Reichart, rbbKultur)