Mind games about Laziness

Hardcover , 11x19 cm
56 pages
ISBN: 9783990590775
€ 12,00


Laziness may be a character trait, but it is also a state. It doesn‘t just happen, you often have to plan it, and especially in literature it is celebrated. But by no means always for the best of the lazy characters.

Why is laziness considered a vice, even a mortal sin, when it has been proven to do good? In any case, laziness is not compatible with writing. The literary scholar, critic and essayist Daniela Strigl takes us to her eloquent, amusing and surprising thought games about laziness in literature and life despite and because of a personal tendency to laziness.


»A brief clever history of laziness.« (Uwe Wittstock, FOCUS)

»The book is short, of course, it‘s for lazy people, it‘s interesting and it confirms to us: Laziness is great.« (Elke Heidenreich, Kölner Stadtanzeiger)

»Enjoyment and pleasure in equal measure. Decorated with facts, charming and at the same time with a smile, sometimes even a grin, the author Daniela Strigl guides us to discover laziness.« (Michaela Auinger, Forum. The weekly magazine)

The book „is a praise of laziness as inner productivity with external passivity. On laziness as a form of freedom. Already appreciated as idleness in ancient times. A healing read for all workaholics, for the knights of heart attack. A great read in times of pandemic, which slows down all our lives a bit and promotes the concentration on essentials!« (Josef Zierden, Eifel Literature Festival)