Mind games about Compromise

Hardcover , 11x19 cm
48 pages
ISBN: 9783990590669
€ 12.00

With a deft lightness of touch, Eva Menasse takes a look at the core problems of our time in a contemporary diagnostic manner. Her thought experiments are of socio-political significance in a time of xenophobia, racism, the rise of authoritarian politicians, fake news − because how to counter them all? Dismiss their views as fantasies? Refuse to engage in dialogue? Or approach them and discuss them in the hope of opening up space for thought? Menasse writes about things that concern us all and about which we should continue to think in order to do something about the brutalization of society.


»This is refreshing to read and opens up new horizons.« (literaturkritik.de)

»A great plea for discourse.« (Literaturagenten)