Man kann nicht alles wissen (You cannot know everything)

Dramolettes V with bonus drama Hennir
Hardcover , 21 x 13 cm
192 pages
€ 19.00


The basic format Fian regularly returns to are his ›dramolettes‹ – satirical mini-dramas capturing in Fian’s unique tone the absurdity of everyday, political and cultural life.

In the over 80 dramolettes of You cannot know everything, we once again encounter the multiple facets of Austrian nature, be it good or evil, as well as political and cultural opinion leaders. However, it is not exclusively politicians and artists talking mean, vain, or even dangerous, nonsense. Keen observer Fian detects the same way of thinking – weak, cunning or crazy respectively – in everyday life as well, be it economic theory at the supermarket checkout, Anzengruber’s poetry in today’s North and South Tyrol, or smoking, drinking and eating under the modern conditions of health policy.

With Hennir, a monologue about the impossible life of an actor, which premiered at Viennese Hamakom theatre in March 2011 with actress Isabel Karajan, the book includes a full-fledged play: the actress intending to play Penthesilea suddenly finds herself in the audio play Troy for Kids.