Looking through tree tops into the sky (Der Blick von unten durch die Baumkrone in den Himmel)

Hardcover , 13 x 21 cm
256 pages
€ 20


Three weeks in the summer, a hike from Vienna to Budapest: with sensual intensity, Andreas Kurz describes his encounters in central Europe – landscapes, people, moods but also stagings of politics and national memory.

Looking through tree tops into the sky is a touching story on many levels – about how time passes, how it comes to a standstill in moments of abundance, about recollections and self-delusions. It breathes great affection for people and things and for everything that occurs to us daily.


» Looking through tree tops into the sky shines with all its memorable pictures, and embeds all kind of senses.« (Eva Walisch, profil)

»During the hike, the present is so very dense and poetic … This book shows how to hike and to see mindfully.« (Helmuth Schönauer, Buchkultur)

»A remarkable book, so different, stirring against all expectations.« (Angelika Reitzer, literaturhaus.at)

Kurz »invites the reader to join his journey, his language is in strict time with the street … By the way he re-writes his own (love)story, and in addition we learn the history of the countries Kurz passes by.« (BVZ)

»At times we long to be a child again, to experience the world exclusively through one’s senses, to do nothing but feel and taste everything we stumble upon. To bite into a ripe peach and feel the juice trickling down from the corners of our mouths. Sometimes we long to only think about what we have to think about in this very moment. To think about “the next step, the next stroke of the broom” as Kurz quotes Michael Ende’s Beppo, while taking us onto a trip, a quest towards this simplicity. On foot, step by step.« (Julius Burghardt, Lena Matzeit: Pfeil und Bogen)