Königskomödien (Comedies of Kings)

Collected Works, Volume 7 , 21 x 13
424 pages
€ 25.00


What relates the plays is that in the subtitles they are called »comedies«. All of they are plays where the spectator’gaze is not directed towards intimate, inner spaces (as was the case in Fäkaliendramen – Dramas of Faeces), but towards the mechanics of society and societalisation. They revolve around power and the abuse thereof, about work and consumption. And the text portrays through the unspent wit and painful clarification of Schwab’s language the reflection of power balances between people.

With an epilogue by Elfriede Jelinek


»They are formulas which, in an uncomfortable way, are made up of language itself …« (Elfriede Jelinek)