Gummy Bear Campaign (Gummibärchenkampagne)

One-minute novellas
Hardcover , 13 x 21 cm
144 pages
ISBN: 9783990590492
€ 18


One-minute novellas are stories reduced to a minimum which were invented by Hungarian writer István Örkényi during the age of Goulash communism. Helwig Brunner transports this pithy literary format into our times.

The subject matter of these one-minute novellas is everyday life. Brunner’s razor-sharp observations reveal human, interpersonal and societal absurdities which unfailingly end in surreal, sober or grotesque punchlines.


»A rather slim but nonetheless brilliant book … Helwig Brunner’s highly polished language is pure bliss. His little stories, always dedicated to a name, a protagonist or a hero are pearls that even after repeated reading won’t lose any of their irresistible charm.« (Franz Becker, Musenblätter)

»A reading-minutefortune.« (Barbara Weitzel, Welt am Sonntag)

»In an intelligent way refreshing sustentative.« (Monalisa Blog)

»A wonderful language, I love these short stories.« (zupf.dir.ein.wölckchen, Instagram)