Grungy Nuts

160 pages


Remember what it felt like, being 17? Andreas Unterweger sends the reader on an adventurous journey through time full of innuendo. His 17-year-old protagonists, room-mates who have their own grunge band, personify the frenzied spirit of this decade. Unterweger follows them through dramas unfolding in disco basements, witnesses their first lovesickness and watches while a bunch of »mermaids« turns a one-bedroom apartment upside down in dizzying speed.
With his puns, grotesque whims and brilliant phrasing, Unterweger sets off a literary Rube Goldberg machine.


»A literary concept album with a visual prose-poetry that is accessible and catchy as well as it has the spirit of the teenage rebellion like the best songs of the history of rock music.« (Gerald Lind, literaturhaus.at)

»This author is extremely alert, a virtual seismograph.« (Werner Krause, Kleine Zeitung)

»Unterweger wrote a humorous book that is enarmoured with language.« (Angelika Grabher-Hollenstein, APA)