Bohrende Fragen (Probing Questions)

Hardcover , 21 x 13 cm
200 pages
ISBN: 3-85420-716-6
€ 19.00


No other writer, with the possible exception of Helmut Qualtinger, has captured Austrian mentality – whether of intellectuals or the general populace – more accurately than the Carinthian-born Viennese resident Antonio Fian.


»To those who usually settle for the easy answer Probing Questions will come as a shock. It is Fian’s running commentary on the status quo of Austria and the whole world. (…) Most of Fian’s plays are based on quotations; from other people’s forced seriousness his art springs. The Austrian ›antipathetician‹ takes refuge in joking and, in this way, rescues us.« (Paul Jandl, Neue Zürcher Zeitung)

»Whether it is the VIPs or Mr. and Mrs. Jones he is pestering: thanks to his fine sense of humour, which makes you smile inside, his criticism, though sharp and biting, is at no point scathing. Antonio Fian’s latest mini-dramas are out. Hurray!« (Peter Pisa, Kurier)