Treffen sich zwei (lit.: Two People Meeting)

Hardcover , 21 x 13 cm
240 pages
€ 19.00


You don’t know where, you don’t know when − but at some point love will strike, that’s for sure. In this novel, two people, already well accustomed to single life, are struck completely out of the blue. He has the most fascinating eyes in the world, and her beauty sweeps him off his feet.

Treffen Sich zwei (lit.: Two People Meeting) is a romantic novel for adults, a heimat novel set in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. It’s about desires and anxiety, about the professional life of a systems coach and the fits of a gifted hysteric, about self-help sex books, music, lyrics, classic passages about love, and with a good deal of alcohol and urine therapy thrown in for good measure. Iris Hanika is a sensitive and unerring observer of the emotional condition of her contemporaries. The wittiness, accuracy and elegance in her writing demonstrate why this eternal theme in literature continues to touch every one of us to this day.

Over 125.000 copies sold (25.000 hard cover copies, 100.000 paperbacks)

Shortlist German Bookprize 2008

Rights sold to:
French (Les Allusifs)
Spanish (Salamandra)
Danish (Turbine)
Serbian (Mono&Manjana)
Ukrainian (Dnipro)
Bulgarian (IG Elias Canetti)
German Paperback (btb Random House)
German radioplay (NDR)
Film Adaption (Tam Tam Film)