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Gertraud Klemm Counting Beans
Novel, 160 pages

A novel about the economics of love and sexuality, about the pitfalls of freedom
and the art not to take decisions …

Press (for Gertraud Klemm’s Aberland):
»Gertraud Klemm sports a keen eye and a profound interest in how people live. Most of all, she is gifted with a remarkable talent for language.« (ZDF aspekte)

»With her observation skills, original images, sharp-witted analyses and a good dose of sarcastic humour, Klemm empathizes with her protagonists.« (Eva Behrendt, Tagesspiegel)

»Klemm painstakingly hones the language of her sentences; she is a great observer who uses precision to uncover sore spots.« (Carola Eberling, Zeit ONLINE)


Laura Freudenthaler The Queen Remains Silent
Novel, 208 pages

An exceptional debut that tells the imponderables of an entire life
in an inspiringly poetic manner.

Paperback Rights sold (btb/Random House)

Reactions from bookshops:
»The Queen Remains Silent is a very special book that I liked immensely and that touched me profoundly. I read it in a weekend and could not put it down. Fanny grew dear to me, almost like a confidante. It is amazing how a young writer can tell this story with so much sensibility.« (Gudrun Suchanek,
Buch&Boot, Altaussee, Austria)

»A rather stunning book – a significant topic, an unusual perspective, a clear language, an assertive style; the author knows her trade.« (Ute Pukropski, Libretto book shop, Oldenburg, Germany)


Friedrich Kröhnke
How Dauthendey died
120 pages

Friedrich Kröhnke imposes an in many ways shocking poetics lecture on his protagonist – a radical, unusual and at times more than comical tour de force in the footsteps of Dauthendey!